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We would like to thank all of the people who participated in our Night at the Races event in March.  The turnout was overwhelming and we raised an incredible amount for each of the children and their families.

Welcome to our family Aaron, Antonio and Isaac and their families


We now turn our attention to the Erie event.  The Erie Annual event will benefit Timmy


Timmy, 7 years old,diagnosed with Hypotonia at only a few weeks old, meaning he has very low muscle tone. He was unable to hold his head up, his bottle, he was unable to roll over, sit up, and had swallowing issues. By 6 months there would be Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists, and Dieticians working with Timmy weekly. Before the age of 2, Timmy had to be in braces daily from his ankles to his thighs, has a pediatric stander so that he could be off of the floor, and a wheelchair. Pediatrics said that Timmy would never walk. But, Timmy took his first steps at 5!


Timmy was facing developmental issues and only able to take liquids by mouth at the age of 2. Timmy had to spend a month in Childern’s Institute of Pittsburgh for a month for a intensive feeding program. While at Childern’s his mom or dad were always there with him taking shifts. During this, a Phychiatric and IQ test were performed. Timmy was diagnosed with severe, non-verbal Autism. He would flap his hands, rock back and forth, click his fingers, and wouldn’t play with toys. But he can recite songs and some words, known as Echolalia. He would be aggressive at times. That is when medications came in. After seeing G.I. Specicialists and weekly Outpatient Therapies at Children’s Institute Satellite Center, Timmy finally got to go home. There was improvement but you could tell that he got frustrated from being unable to communicate. During an unrelated surgery it was discovered that Timmy had a Laryngeal Cleft Palate. Two attempts at reparative surgeries, both were unsuccessful. Only hope was Gastrostomy surgery. After the therapies, appointments, different equipment, Timmy had to get a feeding tube. He has to be fed every 3 hours when awake for 40 minutes. He has a wheelchair with an I.V. stand at school for feedings and vent bag. Insurance is little help when it come to equipment. With a life long struggle Timmy is a happy kid and we want to help make it easier on him and his family.